PRIME Schools in Massachusetts

Westfield Vocational Technical High School, Westfield, MA Westfield Vocational Technical High School, Westfield, Mass., is a public high school established in 1911 which recognizes career and technical education as an integral part of the public school system. This is exemplified by its facilities and certified and professional personnel meeting industry standards in both state and federal legislation, Chapter 74, Section 2 of the Massachusetts General Laws defines vocational education as: “Education of which the primary purpose is to fit people for profitable employment, or for advancement while employed.” Westfield students are prepared for careers which are common in modern industry and which offer an abundance of job opportunities upon graduation.

Worcester Technical High School, Worcester, MA Access to state-of-the-art equipment is just one of the benefits available to students at Worcester Technical. Donated by local businesses through agreements called “entrustments,” manufacturers have installed thousands of dollars’ worth of equipment onsite at Worcester. In exchange, businesses can access the facilities to train their employees or demo their products for potential customers.

Students alternate between academic classes one week, and hands-on, applied instruction the other week. Local business leaders can weigh in on the curriculum through a special advisory board. This close interaction with manufacturers helps ensure that what students learn remains closely aligned to real world needs.